Getting into an Ivy League school,

Oxford or Cambridge

is like mountaineering

Scale your University Admissions

Summit with ivyO

is all you need for your applications journey.
At ivyO, we're focused on helping students like you stand out from the crowded applicant pool, and gain admission to your best-fit university or college, which might just be an Ivy League school, Oxford or Cambridge.

To maximize your prospects of getting admitted to the university of your dreams, let ivyO show you the way. Through our innovative ivyO UCAC, you'll get your personalized Strategic Action Plan, giving you powerful and tailored strategies and recommendations. It will:
  • Inspire you to find, develop and showcase your college admissions X-Factor;
  • Empower you to be strategically positioned head and shoulders above other applicants;
  • Give you step-by-step guidance on how to present your compelling and captivating story to admissions officers at highly selective schools like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Oxford and Cambridge;
  • Show you how to skillfully navigate around all the pitfalls hidden in the applications process;
  • Match you to your tailored list of institutions for application, evaluation, or research purposes, depending on your current school year;
  • Come with two Zoom consultations with an ivyO college admissions expert, who is a member of NACAC, and International ACAC.
The ivyO UCAC is designed for students in Grades 7-12, who aspire to be admitted to an elite university or college. If that sounds like you, sign up for your personalized ivyO UCAC today!
To ensure that your family derives maximum benefits from your ivyO journey, we offer two optional Workshops to complement your personalized ivyO UCAC — ivyO Compass and ivyO BaseCamp:
  • ivyO Compass is designed to help parents and students breeze through our proprietary Universities & Colleges Admissions Profile (UCAP). It works particularly well for some international families, busy parents, or families who simply want additional support. The ivyO Compass consultation can be conducted in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.
  • ivyO BaseCamp is where Strategy Implementation and Strategy Execution take place. At BaseCamp, your dedicated college admissions consultant will work with you and help you put your strategic plan into action, and provide guidance on specific matters or issues that are of interest to you.

With both ivyO Compass and ivyO BaseCamp, you only pay as you go for services you actually need. Nothing more. And there's no long-term contract to worry about. Isn't that good?

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ivyO is a proud member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC),
and the International Association for College Admission Counseling (International ACAC).
If you want ongoing, personal attention with regular check-ins, ivyO Summit is the ideal choice for you. As our long-term college planning program, ivyO Summit is designed for students who perform considerably better with a higher level of personal attention. ivyO Summit's features include:
  • Programs that are exclusively tailored to your individual needs.
  • All aspects of your universities & colleges admissions process are covered to ensure that you stay on track to your best-fit institution.
  • Your ivyO consultant will work with you on Zoom, or by phone, throughout your entire US or UK college admissions journey.
The ivyO Summit service contract is uniquely reasonable, equitable, and client-friendly; refunds are provided for unused services in the event of contract termination with due notice.
ivyO Summit is only available to students who have acquired their own ivyO UCAC.
Here at ivyO, we do things differently from many other US or UK university admissions consulting companies. Paraphrasing author Seth Godin, we stand out like a “Purple Cow” because of our remarkably innovative service offerings, which gives rise to The ivyO Difference, encapsulated by the 4 C's:

At ivyO, only qualified university admissions experts work with ivyO students and their parents. Undergraduate students among our staff are not involved in consultations with families.


Parents beware: Don't fall victim to unscrupulous operators who try to lock you into draconian contracts costing tens of thousands of dollars. At ivyO, just pay as you go for services your student needs — better value, fairer terms, and much easier for families.


ivyO will never use our students and parents' personal information for marketing or promotional purposes.


ivyO helps students and parents cut through the maze, the mess, and the myths of the US and UK college admissions processes; showing families a new perspective, with crystalline clarity, of the trail that leads students to their best-fit university.

Empowered by the ivyO UCAC and with additional support at BaseCamp, ivyO students beam with pride and confidence as they turn their college admissions dreams to reality.

Goals │ Strategy │ Implementation │ Execution │ Success

If you've any questions in regard to our service offerings or would like to provide feedback on our website, send us a message below:
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