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Introducing ivyO BaseCamp and ivyO Compass

At ivyO, we will help you shine and stand out in the university applications process and achieve your college admission goals to incredible institutions like the Ivy League or Russell Group. We begin the transformative process once you and your parent sign up for your personalized ivyO Strategic Consultation.

To ensure that your family derives maximum benefits from your ivyO journey, we offer two optional ivyO Workshops to complement your Strategic Consultation ivyO BaseCamp and ivyO Compass.

ivyO BaseCamp

When you completed your respective Profiles, youll be on the right track for success, because you will know how best to strategically optimize your chances of admission to your best-fit college, whether that be one of the prestigious US Ivy League Universities, or one of the top UK Universities such as Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge for short).

Once your tailored strategic action plan is clearly set out, you'll have a nice decision to make. You can choose to tackle the admissions process yourself, or like most students, you can sign up for the ivyO BaseCamp where a BaseCamp specialist will work with you personally to put your strategic plan into action.

At BaseCamp, your dedicated BaseCamp specialist will help you through the implementation stage of your strategic action plan. Your BaseCamp specialist will also guide you on how best to manage your ongoing task of executing your customized strategies as you surge forward in your college admissions journey.

We strongly recommend that you sign up for the BaseCamp to complement your ivyO Strategic Consultations, and you'll get the best value by acquiring one of the ivyO Bundled Solutions. Check it out and enjoy the savings!

ivyO Compass

Designed to help some international parents glide through their student's university application process, the ivyO Compass is the ideal language-support option. ivyO Compass is conducted in Putonghua or Cantonese.

If your first language is English, or your English skills are strong, you don't need to book ivyO Compass.

ivyO Workshops provide Continuing Guidance and Support

ivyO Compass is fantastic if you require a robust language-support option. ivyO BaseCamp ensures that you and your family will get maximum benefits from your customized ivyO Strategic Consultation.

As always, your ivyO counselors are ready to continue guiding and supporting you all the way as you confidently stride towards your best-fit college.

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