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At ivyO, we work hard to give you the best values possible. So, when youre ready to sign up for your personalized Universities & Colleges Admissions Consultation (UCAC), we invite you to consider taking up one of the ivyO Bundles. Do that and, pardon the pun, youll save a bundle! Check out the big savings listed below:

ivyO UCAC & ivyO Compass

Get this bundle if you want your tailored UCAC and the additional support of the ivyO Compass.

This bundle includes the UCAC (complete with the UCAC1, UCAC2, and the ivyO TrailMap), and a 3-hour Compass consultation with an ivyO specialist that will help you breeze through the Universities & Colleges Admissions Profile (UCAP). While the ivyO Compass consultation normally costs US$290 per hour, get this bundle and save US$300!


ivyO UCAC & ivyO BaseCamp

When you sign up for your personalized ivyO UCAC, we highly recommend that you secure this bundle and book your place at BaseCamp which is all about Strategy Implementation and Strategy Execution.

This bundle will give you the assurance knowing that upon completion of your UCAC, an ivyO College Admissions Expert stands ready to help you implement and execute all the powerful strategies that you have just learnt throughout your UCAC.

This exceptional bundle includes your UCAC (complete with UCAC1, UCAC2 and the ivyO TrailMap), and a 2-hour BaseCamp consultation that normally costs US$495 per hour. Grab this popular bundle and save US$400!

ivyO UCAC, ivyO Compass & ivyO BaseCamp

With this best-value bundle, you will have all your bases covered. It includes your tailored ivyO UCAC, a 3-hour Compass consultation, and a 2-hour consultation at BaseCamp, all of which combine to give you a huge start in your college admissions journey.

As above, the UCAC includes the UCAC1, UCAC2 and the ivyO TrailMap.

Check out the biggest savings in this bundle with the lot!

ivyO Compass & ivyO BaseCamp

This bundle is only suitable if youve already signed up for your ivyO UCAC but have not submitted your UCAP online and feel that you would like additional support with your UCAP as well as attending BaseCamp upon completion of your UCAC.

This bundle includes a 3-hour Compass consultation and a 2-hour consultation at BaseCamp.

NACAC - National Association for College Admission Counseling NACAC - National Association for College Admission Counseling

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