The ivyO Scholarship
At ivyO, we believe that education is the greatest social equalizer, and one of the most powerful ways to change people’s lives for the better. As such, we are committed to our endeavor of leveling the playing field for students from financially modest backgrounds who aspire to study at top universities in the US or UK. We understand the challenges faced by these students, and to help them turn their dreams into reality, we offer the ivyO Scholarship.

What is the ivyO Scholarship?
The ivyO Scholarship is a need-based program designed to benefit students from around the world. At absolutely no cost to the students or their families, the ivyO Scholarship provides personalized strategies, guidance and support to help students gain admission to their best-fit US or UK institution of higher learning.

Each ivyO Scholarship includes a program designed to assist outstanding students who have a proven track record of academic excellence, notable extracurricular achievements, and significant contributions to their high school and wider communities.

Recipients of the ivyO Scholarship will work with dedicated ivyO admissions consultants who are members of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and International Association for College Admission Counseling.

Each ivyO Scholarship provides its recipients with the following:
  • Strategic Planning: ivyO Scholarship winners will be taken through the ivyO Strategic Consultation, which incorporates a diagnostic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, not only as students, but also as college applicants. The aim is to help students craft a compelling narrative, backed by directly linked evidence in empowering them as they seek their place at their desired college or university.
  • Extracurricular Guidance: The students will be provided with tailored guidance so that their extracurriculars portfolios enhance and highlight their X-Factor, enabling them to stand out among the crowded admissions pool.
  • College List Construction: Expert guidance will be given to the students with regard to the construction of an optimized college list and that continuing support will be rendered throughout the students’ entire college admissions journey.
  • Essay Support and Review: With the ivyO team’s expert guidance, the students’ essays will leap off the page, so that their authentic stories are given the best light possible.
  • Interview Mentoring: With mock interviews and meticulous preparation, students will stand ready to advocate for themselves and excel in the interview process.
  • Financial Aid Support: ivyO consultants will assist the students in navigating relevant financial aid processes in order to maximize students’ prospects of obtaining aid.
For ivyO Scholarship winners who wish to pursue a tertiary education in the UK, their dedicated ivyO admissions consultant will adjust the ivyO Scholarship program accordingly, given the increased focus on academics in the UK admissions process.

Here at ivyO, the privacy of our students and their families is of the utmost importance. To that end, none of our fee-paying clients are used for marketing or promotional purposes. We extend exactly the same undertaking to our ivyO Scholarships winners and their families, whose names, images, or personal details will not be used in any of our marketing materials or on our website.

Nonetheless, the specific ivyO consulting services provided to each Scholarship winner may vary based on individual circumstances, and the selection of services is at the sole discretion of ivyO.

Criteria for Applicants:
Applicants for the ivyO Scholarship are expected to display the following attributes:
  • Strong academic performance, with a history of challenging themselves in the classroom;
  • Outstanding accomplishments in one or more extracurricular activities (not mandatory for students seeking to study in the UK);
  • Meaningful and sustained contribution to the communities around them.
In addition, applicants for the ivyO Scholarship must be either in their penultimate or final year of high school at the time of application. As part of the application process, students will be asked to write a 500-word essay on a given topic, provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and the parents will need to provide relevant documents to demonstrate their financial needs.

Students and their parents should note that applications to the ivyO Scholarship and the level of services to be awarded are determined at the sole discretion of ivyO and that ivyO’s decision is final. Further note that the Scholarship award is not transferrable and the value of ivyO services granted cannot be converted into cash or any other form of monetary compensation.

How to Apply:
Students who wish to apply for the ivyO Scholarship should commence the application process by emailing us at

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your college dreams.
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