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If you are the Principal or a Senior Executive at a secondary school, ivyO would like to share a few thought-provoking ideas with you.

An in-house International Pathway to world-renowned US and UK universities

Please ask yourself the following:

First, are we getting enquiries from some of the families at our school about those students that are interested in studying abroad; i.e. at prestigious US colleges including the Ivy League, or top UK institutions like the Russell Group of universities?

Secondly, for our students who are thinking about studying in the US or the UK, hand on heart, is our school currently equipped to provide guidance and support to those students on how best to navigate the complex and foreign application process of highly selective institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, St Andrews, and Imperial College?

Thirdly, what if our school has its own International Pathway to elite US and UK universities, would it be of benefit to our students who aspire to study overseas?

Fourthly, would the vision and the venture of establishing an International Pathway sharpen our school’s competitive edge, empower us to meet our students and their parents’ expectations, and strategically enhance our school’s standing amongst peer institutions?

How do we get there?

When you have had time to reflect upon your responses to the above, and if you would like an opportunity to explore the possibility of establishing at your school an International Pathway for your students’ journey to highly coveted universities in the US and the UK, simply send us a brief email at school-partnerships@ivyO.org and we will be in touch within three business days to arrange for a fully complimentary Zoom consultation at mutual convenience.

Note that your discussions with ivyO are absolutely confidential, completely obligation-free, and no fees or charges will be incurred.

So, let’s talk.

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