ivyO Summit — Grades 7 to 12

ivyO Summit is our long-term college planning program individually designed to empower Grades 7-12 students in reaching the pinnacle of their college admissions potential, whether that lead them to an top US institution, like an Ivy League school, or to an elite UK university, such as Oxford or Cambridge.

One of the major differences between ivyO Summit and other college consulting “Packages” in the marketplace is that the ivyO Summit service contract is remarkably reasonable, equitable and client-friendly; pro-rata refunds are provided on unused services in the event of contract termination with due notice and is subject to each familys individual circumstances.

As always, ivyO strives to minimize for families the anxiety, stress and tension associated with the college admissions process, while giving families flexibility and peace of mind in regard to their college counseling costs. We believe that our simple and equitable fee structure is testament to our ethical practices which our clients desire and deserve.

ivyO Summit is our long-term program focused on the continuing task of monitoring, reviewing, and strengthening our students progress to ensure that they remain on track with their college admissions goals.

While students of various levels of capabilities will derive tremendous benefits from the ivyO Summit, the program is designed for students who perform considerably better with a higher level of personal attention, especially if those students are seeking admissions to the most selective colleges or universities.

At ivyO Summit, students are expertly guided by their ivyO college admissions counselors on Zoom, or by phone, throughout their entire admissions journey.

As an ivyO Summit student, we'll help you reach your best-fit college at the mountaintop, the ivyO Summit team will cover with you all aspects of the college admissions process, some of which are listed as follows:

  1. Academics Strategy: Course planning; charting an optimal trajectory towards your college admissions goals; sharpening your academic strengths and managing your academic weaknesses.
  2. Extracurricular Action Plan: Maximizing the impact of your activities; strategic planning for your extracurricular objectives.
  3. Standardized Testing: Where applicable, preparing for the road ahead with testing schedules; personalized guidance on test-optional strategies.
  4. College List: Reviewing, and if necessary, refining and rebalancing your College List.
  5. Recommendation Letters: Helping you identify and select your most effective recommenders; providing guidance on the type of recommendation letters that will enhance your application prospects and accentuate features of your admissions profile.
  6. College Essays: Brainstorming, editing and reviewing your Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays, enabling your authentic voice to come alive and truly resonate with the readers.
  7. Admissions Guidance: Guiding you to finalize and refine all aspects of your college applications such that they form a compelling, holistic entity.
  8. Deadline Management: Helping you to plan ahead and stay on track with all relevant application timelines including Early Decision (ED), Early Action (EA), and Restricted Early Action (REA).
  9. College Interview Prep: Guiding you to prepare for college interviews to be conducted by the alumni or admissions officers.

As every student is different, their bespoke ivyO Summit program will adapt to meet their specific needs.

For students in Grades 7 to 10, to varying degrees, they will work with their dedicated ivyO counselor to explore their interests, discover or deepen their passions, as well as planning for course loads that are aligned with their core interests, capabilities and college goals.

Students in Grade 11 will focus on all the crucial tasks that serve to help them construct a robust college admissions strategy that will propel them onwards to success in college and beyond. ivyO counselors will also provide guidance for them to manage their academic course load, so it maintains the necessary level of academic rigor in line with their admissions objectives.

For Grade-12 students who are entering the final year of their admissions journey, the focus will be on seamlessly assembling their compelling applications by bringing together all the important pieces including but not limited to finalizing the college list; ED, EA or REA strategies; their killer personal statement and supplemental essays; extracurricular distinctions, independent projects, experiences; counselor and teachers' letters of recommendation, interviews, and much more.

Just as every mountaineer hopes to reach the summit, every college applicant aims to reach the school of their dreams. With ivyO Summit, we'll help you ascend to the peak where your best-fit university stands.

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