ivyO Compass

a Navigational Companion for your UCAP

  • ivyO Compass is an optional service designed to help parents and students breeze through their Universities & Colleges Admissions Profile (UCAP). It works particularly well for some international families or busy parents. The ivyO Compass consultation can be conducted in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.

  • Like a trusted compass that helps you navigate your way up a challenging mountain trek, the ivyO Compass works especially well as a supportive navigational companion for:

    • International students and/or parents whose English language skills are not strong.
    • Families who are native English speakers or whose English language skills are strong but want additional support.
    • Very young students, like those in Grades 7 to 9.
    • Busy parents who are time poor.

If youre a registered user of our website but havent yet signed up for the Universities & Colleges Admissions Consultation (UCAC), and/or the ivyO Compass, simply login and go to Explore ivyO Solutions.

If you’re not a registered user of our site, click below:

Breeze through your UCAP with ivyO Compass

  • While many students and their parents sail through their UCAPs, for a variety of reasons, some families find it helpful to have additional support. ivyO Compass is the right solution for those families.

With ivyO Compass, one of our Compass consultants will provide personalized guidance on Zoom or by phone, as per your preference, and resolve any queries you may have regarding the UCAPs.

  • While your ivyO Compass consultant won't answer the UCAPs for you, your Compass consultant will give tailored advice to ensure that you provide appropriate responses to the UCAPs.

Each ivyO Compass consultation is for an hour, and the best way to sign up for the Compass is by acquiring one of the ivyO Bundled Solutions which comes with a 3-hour Compass consultation at subsidized rates.

The right time to get ivyO Compass
In terms of timing, families can only sign up for the ivyO Compass when they:
  • sign up for the UCAC as part of a Bundled Solution which includes a 3-hour Compass consultation; or
  • have signed up for the UCAC, but have not submitted their UCAP and want additional support to complete the UCAP.

Conversely, the ivyO Compass is not available to families that:
  • have not and are not in the process of signing up for the UCAC; or
  • have signed up for the UCAC but have already submitted their UCAP online.

Students and parents who speak English as their first language, or whose English is fluent, should not sign up for the ivyO Compass.

ivyO Compass awaits
If it meets your needs, ivyO Compass is the ideal navigator to guide you through your UCAPs.

Simply login to your ivyO account, go to ivyO Solutions, and the Compass team will be there to help you breeze through your UCAPs.

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