Introducing ivyO Summit


Representing our long-term college planning program, ivyO Summit is individually customized to help Grades 7-12 students strategically prepare for their college admissions journey.

ivyO Summit is designed for students who perform considerably better with a higher level of personal attention as they seek admissions to their best-fit college, especially if their desired colleges are among the most selective institutions in America.

In constructing their college list, our advice to college-bound students and their families is to focus on fit, rather than ranking, or brand.

Aiming for the Summit
Only students who have completed their customized ivyO Strategic Consultation may seek to join the ivyO Summit program, this requirement is founded on ivyO’s principle that the level of counseling services to be rendered should match the needs of each individual student.

We don’t want our clients to acquire any ivyO services they don’t need. Period.

We believe that with proper advice provided through their customized ivyO Strategic Consultation and ivyO BaseCamp, many students will do a fine job in taking control and ownership of their college planning process. Parents or guardians can always book additional BaseCamp consultations to ensure that their student is on track and progressing well in his/her college admissions journey.

Hence, in working with ivyO, students should always start with the ivyO Strategic Consultation, instead of seeking full counseling services straightaway. Clearly, ivyO is serious in endeavoring to drive down the costs of college admissions counseling for families.

However, we understand that for a variety of reasons, some students may need an increased level of personal attention and bespoke services. If that’s the case with your student, set up your ivyO account below:

ivyO is Student-Centric

By keeping college counseling costs as affordable as possible for families, it also frees up valuable time for ivyO counselors which in turn facilitates our efforts involving students with special needs, and our pro bono work with students under the ivyO Outreach Scholarship program.

At ivyO, when we say were student-centric, we mean it.

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