Introducing the ivyO Strategic Consultation

College Admission is a Big Mountain

Just as you wouldnt climb a big mountain without a map, you shouldnt try to steer your way through the maze of college admissions without proper guidance, especially if you aspire to be admitted to a highly selective college or university like an Ivy League school, or Oxbridge (a portmanteau of Oxford and Cambridge), or other members of the Russell Group in the UK.

While the pathways to Australian universities are much more straightforward than that of the US and the UK, many international families choose to engage professional consulting firms, like ivyO, to help their students with university planning.

The Status Quo
In terms of the status quo regarding college admissions, it really depends on who you are as an applicant. If you’re a double legacy, and your parents can donate a library or two to your desired college, congrats! You can stop reading, because chances are that you’re already admitted! If not, read on...

Students facing college admissions are often baffled and confused by an enormous web of complexities; case in point, information overload. Do a Google search on “college admission”, Google will tell you that you have “About 2,740,000,000 results.” Where do you start and finish your research? D-I-Y may not be your best option. So, how do you get proper advice?

If you attend a public high school in the US, your dedicated school-based counselor is likely to have a caseload of hundreds of students. In some states, it exceeds a thousand. The upshot is that through no fault of your school counselor, you may not get the guidance you need with your college applications.

If you’re an international student, your task is exponentially harder. It’s understandable that teachers and school counselors outside the US may not be familiar with the holistic college admissions process in America. In fact, many schools outside the US don’t even have counselors. For schools that do, their counselors’ main responsibilities are to support students by providing psychological counseling, intervention services, and employment related advice — all important work, but not the service you need to be accepted at the likes of Wharton, Princeton, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge.

Don't pay for consulting services you dont need
Given these challenges and more, students and parents invariably seek out the services of college admissions consultants. But beware while most college admissions counselors are professional and ethical, some unscrupulous operators will exploit the fear and anxiety endured by families with regard to their college admissions. Such operators always try to convince the parents to sign a service contract that will cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Families can end up paying for "programs" or "packages" that their students don’t even need. Parents are well advised to exercise their good judgment and be cautious before entering into such service contracts.

Here's a fair question for parents to ask their consultant: “If we ever want to terminate the service contract, will we get a refund for the unused portion of the fees that we’ve paid?“ If in doubt, parents should find another service provider.

An innovative ivyO solution built with passion
Here at ivyO, we believe that the status quo is far from perfect. Accordingly, we offer an alternative route to the mountaintop where your best-fit college stands:

Introducing the ivyO Strategic Consultation

At ivyO, we're focused on helping students like you stand out from the crowded applicant pool and gain admission to your best-fit university. We do that through the ivyO Strategic Consultation, which leverages technology and is optimally blended and balanced with human expertise channeled by our team of dedicated college admissions counselors.

Lets hear you say, I did it!
At ivyO, we do things differently from many other college admissions consulting companies. While we'll guide and support you, we'll vigorously encourage you to take ownership of your college admissions journey. We know that, soon enough, you'll truly believe in your own potential and be empowered by that conviction. It'll kickstart a transformative process in which you'll prove to yourself all the good things that you can accomplish. When you finally set foot as a freshman on the campus of your first-choice university, you can put hand on heart and proudly proclaim to the world, “I did it!“

Never forget that college planning is not just about getting in; its about matching you to a college that best fits your academic, social, personal, and financial needs a place where you'll be happy and healthy physically and mentally. You will excel as a life learner, thrive as a member of the campus community, and grow as an individual.

Don't let anyone set a ceiling of what you can do; we know that if you're given the right advice and the right tools, you'll do fine.

Congrats, you've come to the right place for the right advice and the right tools —

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