Getting into an Ivy League school,
Oxford or Cambridge

is like Mountaineering

Scale your University Admissions Summit with ivyO

It has been said that the college admissions journey is a marathon, not a sprint. We get it, but we say that it's more like mountaineering.

You might ask, "How so?" Well, the modern-day marathon, as in the Olympics and across the globe, is set at 26 miles 385 yards or 42.195 kilometers. Runners in each marathon cover exactly the same distance, route and terrain, and they head for the same destination — the finish line.

The admissions process to top universities like any Ivy League school, Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge) isn’t like that at all. While a marathon involves the same distance for all, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to college admissions. Each applicant’s journey invariably differs from others, as students choose from countless degree-granting institutions. Each institution’s admissions process and criteria may also vary in terms of selectivity and complexity. One student may travel from afar and seek admission to an Ivy League school, whereas another student may apply to a local public university.

Indeed, college admissions draws close parallels to mountaineering. Like college applicants, climbers face individual challenges by tackling ranges of various heights and difficulties, from average to arduous, from graded hills to soaring peaks.

Are you ready?
For most students, the application process to elite institutions is like climbing a big mountain, whether your goal university is an Ivy League school like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, or the University of Pennsylvania; a highly selective US public university like UCLA, UC Berkeley, or U-M; a top UK university like Oxford, Cambridge, or the Imperial College London.

The big question is: Are you ready for the ascent to your dream university at the top of the mountain?

If you say, Yes, I’m ready", then it's time to scale your college admissions summit and let ivyO be your guide.

ivyO helps you to stand out from the crowd
While gaining a spot at any top university or college is highly competitive, oftentimes, applicants unknowingly hurt their chances of admission by presenting themselves as "well-rounded" candidates with profiles that incorporate good grades, a few sports, a musical instrument or two for enjoyment, casual involvement in an assortment of student clubs and community service.
If this sounds like you, STOP! You're concocting what we call Vanilla Applications that cannot be differentiated from that of thousands of other college applicants. Seek help from a professional and ethical consultant. Such vanilla applications are likely to be rejected by elite colleges as their profiles are simply too common.

Know this admissions officers (AOs) at top colleges are not looking to fill their next freshman class with "well-rounded" students. They want a well-rounded class of specialists. If you want to maximize your prospect of getting into an elite university, don't present a student profile that looks like everyone else's.

That's why, at ivyO, we focus on guiding our students to present their authentic, unique, and strikingly captivating profiles to AOs at their best-fit universities. Never forget that college admissions is all about making yourself stand out from the huge applicant pool. Do that, and you will succeed!

So, if you're serious about wanting to ascend to your college admissions mountaintop, let ivyO show you the way.

Indeed, your journey towards the university of your dreams is off to a flying start when you sign up for the ivyO Strategic Consultation, which is our flagship service offering. Through the ivyO Strategic Consultation, you will be given all the tools you need to excel in your college applications.

Here is an outline of how ivyO will help optimize your prospects of getting into your dream school:

First, ivyO Strategic Consultation kicks off with our proprietary information-gathering instrument online, which is the Student/Parent Profile. Through these Profiles, we'll get to know you very well and gain insight into your academic profile, extracurricular activities, passions and core interests, personality, aspirations, potential college majors, admissions goals, and career interests. So, when you're ready, go ahead and complete your respective Profiles; there's one for the student, and another for the parent.

Secondly, once you submit the profiles, we will thoroughly review your responses and schedule your Strategic Consultation 1 (SC1). At the SC1, an ivyO university admissions expert will meet with you, face-to-face, on Zoom for an hour and 15 minutes. During SC1, feel free to ask all your questions about the application process. In addition to the Student/Parent Profiles, the SC1 will give us further insights about your priorities and needs.

Thirdly, based on your profile, a team of ivyO research specialists will collaborate with your consultant and conduct tailored research aligned with your needs, passions and goals. We'll then present our SC1 notes, and the research undertaken for you to a committee of ivyO consultants for their deliberation, evaluation and strategy formation.

Drawing upon their collective expertise and experience, the committee will judiciously devise a personalized Strategic Action Plan. loaded with tailored recommendations. All these tools are designed to showcase your X-Factor and help you stand out from other applicants.

Fourthly, once the committee has finalized your bespoke Strategic Action Plan, we'll organize your Strategic Consultation (SC2), which is another Zoom meeting for an hour and 15 minutes.

At SC2, we'll tell you everything you need to know in order to succeed in your university admissions journey. Period.

Through the ivyO SC2, we’ll cut through the maze and the mess, and demystify for you the college admissions process to minimize the stress, anxiety, and tension for you and your family. It'll make life a lot easier for everyone.

Find, develop and showcase your X-Factor
In guiding you to distinguish yourself from the crowded applicant pool, the ivyO Strategic Consultation will help you find, develop and showcase your X-Factor; the one single, special feature about you that will compel AOs to admit you as the bright spark that will, in a specific way, make an impact in the world.
And remember, the personalized guidance and support for your college admissions journey should never cost an arm and a leg. Your family will be pleased to know that ivyO's fee structure is uniquely transparent, flexible and equitable.

At ivyO, families have real choices of exceptional value
At ivyO, we provide a full range of service offerings to meet every student’s needs:

  • ivyO Strategic Consultation — it is our flagship service offering designed for students in Grades 7 to 12 inclusive. Regardless of where you are currently in the college preparation process, the ivyO Strategic Consultation will be individually and expertly tailored to suit you. The ivyO Strategic Consultation will give you a competitive edge in your college admissions journey.

  • ivyO BaseCamp — is all about Strategy Implementation and Execution. At BaseCamp, your dedicated consultant will work with you on Zoom to put your tailored strategies into action, and you can book additional consultations as required. At BaseCamp, your family will always get sensational value — just pay as you go for the services that you actually need. No contract; no upfront payment of $30,000, $40,000, or more. How good is that?!

  • ivyO Summit — designed for students who want long-term, personalized support, regular check-ins, and expert guidance from their ivyO consultants throughout the entire college admissions journey. But know this — the ivyO Summit service contract is remarkably reasonable, equitable, and client-friendly.
Given the above ivyO solutions, you have got all the bases covered:
  • First, the ivyO Strategic Consultation will give you a flying start and a distinct advantage over other applicants.
  • Secondly, whenever you want extra support, you can Zoom back to ivyO BaseCamp.
  • Thirdly, if you're after long-term and ongoing guidance with regular check-ins, ivyO Summit is the answer.
The choice is yours. Every ivyO service offering is tasked with the same objective — helping you stand out from the huge applicant pool and gain admission to your best-fit university, and we do it at the lowest cost possible for your family. That sums up what we do here at ivyO.

Scale your college admissions summit with ivyO
When it comes to your university education, don’t pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.

Then, you’ll never have to ask yourself: What could have been?

Don’t let others tell you that it can’t be done.

You can do it, and ivyO will help.

And, yes, you too can scale your college admissions summit.
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