Justin Wong - Bio

Since his graduation from Wharton, Justin has built a solid foundation in private equity and wealth management. While it was fun helping rich clients grow richer and reaping his well-earned rewards along the way, Justin felt a compelling need for a more purposeful avenue of positively impacting the lives of others.

He dug deep into his self-reflection and found the answer in college counseling, a space in which he has vigorously and passionately worked over the last three and a half years.

As someone who has benefited immensely from education, Justin has long believed that education is one of the greatest social equalizer in the world. He has keenly observed that there is nothing equitable about the road to higher education in many parts of the globe, especially for students from families of modest means.

Through the capabilities, innovations and ethical practices of ivyO, Justin’s goal is to help our college-bound students stand out in the crowded applicant pool by empowering them to align their intellectual curiosity, academic endeavors, and extracurricular distinctions with their overarching passions; i.e. their college admissions X-Factor, all of which are then merged to highlight their unique story, told in their authentic voice, showcasing them as truly extraordinary students and college applicants.

By helping students reach their educational potential and their aspirations and goals, Justin hopes to positively impact the lives of others.

To that end, Justin also serves as a Director of the ivyO Foundation Ltd, a public company limited by guarantee, which manages the ivyO Foundation Scholarship.

Working with students at ivyO and the ivyO Foundation, Justin seeks to impart skills that will benefit them in college, in their future careers, and in life.
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