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Having accomplished a highly successful career that spanned across more than 40 years in the travel industry, Jerome recently retired as Company Director and General Manager of Amadeus IT Pacific.

As a senior corporate executive who has traveled the world in the last four decades, Jerome truly appreciates the merits of a global perspective on commercial endeavors, personal pursuits and life itself. Indeed, Jerome sees a kindred spirit in ivyO Foundation’s commitment in helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds expand their horizons and reach for quality education at their best-fit US university.

Away from his invaluable service as a Board member of the ivyO Foundation, Jerome enjoys simple pleasures at his family’s seaside residence with his wife, Jane and their son, Daniel who incidentally completed an exchange program at the University of Illinois Chicago in 2019.

By his teenage years, Jerome was already a keen and seasoned traveler. It was a natural transition that his passion in travel became the beginning of an outstanding career when he started at Qantas Airways back in 1979. Over the ensuing 23 years, Jerome gradually accumulated impressive industry experience and expertise as he worked in a selected range of Commercial and IT Management positions at Qantas as well as Qantas Technology Limited.

In 2002, Jerome’s distinguished career took him all the way to Europe when he joined Amadeus, the world's leading corporation in producing the best technology solutions for major stakeholders in the travel industry including but not limited to airlines, hotels, large tour operators, airports, travel insurers, rail and cruise companies.

Facilitated by the technologies of Amadeus, in 2018 alone, more than 1.8 billion people made their journeys across the globe. Operating in more than 190 markets, Amadeus employs about 19,000 people and was ranked Number 1 in the World’s Top 10 Software companies by Forbes in 2019.

After having achieved significant milestones at Amadeus in Europe over a three-year period, Jerome returned from France to Australia in 2006 to head-up Amadeus Services Asia-Pacific that later became Amadeus IT Pacific, for which Jerome served as Company Director and General Manager until his retirement in late 2020.

Jerome has always believed in giving back, and the ivyO Foundation is honored to count him as an esteemed member of the leadership team.

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