The ivyO Difference
How does ivyO differ from other university and college consulting companies?

Among US/UK university admissions consulting companies, ivyO stands out because of its fair and affordable fee structure, as well as its powerful and innovative service offerings, spearheaded by the ivyO Strategic Consultation. Your college admissions journey will be much easier and more successful due to the ivyO Difference, which is encapsulated by the 4 C's:


ivyO students and parents only work with qualified US university admissions counselors who are NACAC members. Undergraduate students on ivyO staff are not involved in counseling families.


Parents Beware: Don't fall victim to unscrupulous operators who try to lock you into draconian contracts costing tens of thousands of dollars, with poor prospects of getting a refund if things don’t work out. At ivyO, you pay as you go only for services your student actually needs — better value, fairer terms, much easier for families.


ivyO does not use students and parents' personal information for marketing or promotional purposes.


ivyO helps students and parents cut through the maze, the mess, and the myths of the US college admissions process; showing families new perspectives, with crystalline clarity, of the trails that lead the students to their best-fit university.

ivyO Strategic Consultation
What is the ivyO Strategic Consultation, and what does it do?

The ivyO Strategic Consultation is individually tailored for Grade 7-12 students who aspire to stand out from the crowded applicant pool and gain admission to a highly selective university in the US.

If that sounds like you, the ivyO Strategic Consultation will give you a flying start in your college admissions journey. It's your personalized and comprehensive Strategic Action Plan of customized analysis, strategies and recommendations. It will:

  • Empower you, step-by-step, on how to find, develop and showcase your college admissions X-Factor; be strategically positioned head and shoulders above other applicants, and present your compelling and captivating story to admissions officers at elite institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, USC and UCLA.
  • Show you how to skillfully navigate around all the pitfalls hidden in the college applications process.
  • Match you to your tailored list of 12 colleges for application, evaluation, or research purposes subject to your current school year.
  • Come with two Zoom consultations of 75 minutes each with an ivyO college admissions counselor who is a member of NACAC and International ACAC.
How do I get started with the ivyO Strategic Consultation?

As a parent (or guardian), simply complete “My ivyO Registration” in order to become a registered user of the website. You can then invite your student to join ivyO.org. The parent and student are then provided with individual logins which promotes independence for the student throughout the ivyO journey. After you have logged in, simply Message Us, and one of our team members will contact you to get the process started.

What research should we do before we sign up for the ivyO Strategic Consultation, and take the Student/Parent Profiles?

None, it's perfectly fine for you to sign up for the ivyO Strategic Consultation and take their respective Student/Parent Profiles without doing any research or reading beforehand.

Based upon your responses, our analysis of your input and material uploaded, as well as the Strategic Consultation 1 (SC1) and other communication with you, we'll prepare your uniquely tailored ivyO Strategic Plan for you.

Do both the Student and the Parent have their own Profile?

Yes. The student and the parent each have their own separate Profile. The reason for this is that while it is the student who is the one going to college, their parents are invariably the greatest supporters of the student's endeavors. As such, it's imperative that we attain a clear understanding of the parent's perspective of their student's college admissions journey.

Are the Student/Parent Profiles like an exam or test?

No, the Student/Parent Profiles are not an exam or test at all. It is a diagnostic tool designed to give us a good picture of the student’s academic capabilities, the level of extracurricular accomplishments where applicable, their personal preferences, college aspirations and goals.

There is also a questionnaire specifically designed for a parent or guardian of the student. It serves to give us the parental view of the student both as a college candidate and as an individual, as well as the parent's perspective of their student's college applications process.

The best advice we can give you is to relax, be yourself, and take the Profiles as you are.

How can we maximize our chances of giving the right answers in our Student/Parent Profiles?

Don’t worry about that at all; in fact, there is no right or wrong answer as such. The best answer you can give is your honest and concise response.

How long does it take to do the Student/Parent Profiles?

It varies. Some families take 2 to 3 hours, others might take longer. The process will be smoother if all the relevant documentations such as transcripts, test scores if applicable, and awards are readily available for upload via your ivyO Portal.

How much time are we given to complete the Student/Parent Profiles?

There is no time limit; feel free to take as long as you like.

Do we have to complete the Student/Parent Profiles in one single session?

Not at all, you're welcome to take the Student/Parent Profiles in several short sessions if you prefer, simply save your responses on the ivyO Profile platform as you go.

What is the ivyO Strategic Consultation 1 (SC1)?

The SC1 is a 75-minute Zoom meeting, its primary purpose is for the ivyO Counselor to gain further insight about your student, and to build on the information gathered from your Profiles. Your ivyO Counselor will listen, ask questions, and listen some more. At SC1, our aim is to get to know the student and the family really well.

What is the ivyO Strategic Consultation 2 (SC2)?

The SC2 is another 75-minute Zoom meeting. At SC2, your ivyO counselor will take you through your student's tailored college admissions strategies, clarify any queries you may have, and ensure that your student derives maximum benefit out of the ivyO Strategic Consultation.

Furthermore, your ivyO counselor will explain to you, face-to-face, critically important aspects and nuances of the US college admissions process, and how your student can avoid the pitfalls with confidence, as well as your student's all-important X-Factor and how your student should be strategically positioned in order to shine in college applications.

Is acquiring the ivyO Strategic Consultation the best way to start our engagement with ivyO?

Yes, it is. In fact, students cannot sign up for other ivyO Solutions such as ivyO BaseCamp or ivyO Summit until they have secured their own ivyO Strategic Consultation. Note that the Strategic Consultation and the BaseCamp can be acquired at the same time as one of the Bundled Solutions; it’s great value and highly recommended. Check out ivyO Bundled Solutions.

ivyO BaseCamp
Who should sign up for the ivyO BaseCamp?

While the ivyO BaseCamp is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended that students and their families who plan to acquire their personalized ivyO Strategic Consultation also sign up for a 2-hour BaseCamp consultation. The smartest way of getting to BaseCamp is to sign up for an ivyO Bundled Solution; it’s great value!

ivyO Compass
What if our English isn’t strong, can we obtain additional services from ivyO for our student?

We have the perfect solution for you, check out the ivyO Compass, which is our language-support option and is offered in Putonghua or Cantonese.

ivyO Summit
Can we sign up for the ivyO Summit without getting the ivyO Strategic Consultation first?

Sorry, you can’t. Please refer to "Introducing ivyO Summit".

Why isn’t ivyO Summit available to clients like us who are happy to sign up immediately and pay for the services but without having to get an ivyO Strategic Consultation first?

Here at ivyO, we believe that the level of college counseling services should match the needs of students and their families. We don't want families to pay for services that they don't need, regardless of their financial capacity. It's not how we work.

With the strategic advice provided through their personalized ivyO Strategic Consultation and additional guidance available at ivyO BaseCamp, many students will do a good job in taking control and ownership of their college applications process. Parents or guardians can always book additional BaseCamp consultations to ensure that their student is progressing well and remains on track in regard to his/her college admissions goals.

Hence, in working with ivyO, students should always start with the ivyO Strategic Consultation instead of seeking full counseling services straightaway. As such, it is self-evident that one of ivyO's priorities is to drive college counseling costs down for families.

If we get the opportunity to sign up for ivyO Summit, would we be locked into non-cancelable and non-refundable service contracts with ivyO?

No. One of the main differences between ivyO Summit and other "Packaged" services in the marketplace is that the ivyO Summit service contract is uniquely reasonable, equitable, and client-friendly; pro-rata refunds are provided on unused services in the event of contract termination with due notice, and is subject to each family’s individual circumstances.

ivyO Outreach Scholarship
Does ivyO provide pro bono services?

Yes, we provide pro bono services under the ivyO Outreach Scholarship program.

Our student is highly intelligent with top school grades, can ivyO guarantee that our student will be admitted to Harvard, Yale, Stanford or Wharton?

No. ivyO does not give any guarantee that a student will be admitted to any particular institution.

Will ivyO write the college essays for our student?

No. We help our students maximize their chances of gaining admission to their best-fit university through proper, legitimate and ethical means. In the context of college essays, we help our students brainstorm topics; provide guidance on how to structure and outline such essays, and we’ll edit the essays. However, writing essays for students is unethical, and we do not engage in such conduct.

Does ivyO have its own “secret sauce” in getting our student into the Ivy League?

No. Here at ivyO, we deploy great strategies in helping our students stand out from the crowded applicant pool and gain admission to their best-fit US university which could be an Ivy League school or other selective institutions.

But we don't sell any "secret sauce" or "magic potion". If you're still after "secret sauce", may we suggest that you try your local hot dog stand.

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